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Joseph Ashur Lumbard


Editor Of the Snyder County Tribune,  Civil War Veteran,  Politician




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Military Records

Company 'G' 147th



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Heather (Sulouff) Truckenmiller


Military Service

Note - J.A. Lumbard was a printer, not a painter.

Joseph A. Lumbard (First_Last)
Regiment Name: 147 Pennsylvania Inf.
Side: Union
Company: G
Soldier's Rank_In: Prv.
Soldier's Rank_Out: Corp.
Alternate Name: Joseph A./Lombard
Notes: Film Number M554 roll 73

"The original 147th PVI Co G was mustered into service on September 13, 1862 in the town of Selinsgrove, PA. Captain Charles Selin Davis, of Selinsgrove (commander). They became part of the 1 Brigade of the 2nd Division of the 12th and later the 20th corps. When the unit first started out it had a total of 88 members. It saw a lot of action throughout its 3 year enlistment, and saw battles such as Gettysburg, where they fought on what is now Pardee Field, and places as far south as Ringgold, Georgia. "

Detailed accounts of J.A. Lumbard's service are included in his diary, and the diary of M.S.Shroyer, both of which you will find linked from his diary page in the frame the left. 


J.A. sworn statement as to his birthdate, which was incorrect in original paperwork. J.A. Lumbard's pension claim Sarah's sworn statement that she is J.A.'s widow and eligible for his pension benefits


more pension records

 and more pension records..


An annual Bean Soup  is still to this day held to commemorate these veterans. Again, you can find more information on this linked in the frame on the left.  

Joseph Asher Lumbard's surgeon certificate from the civil war.  Clicking on the image will open them full sized on a new page.


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