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Joseph Ashur Lumbard


Editor Of the Snyder County Tribune,  Civil War Veteran,  Politician




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Joseph Ashur Lumbard


Editor Of the Snyder County Tribune, Writer, Civil War Veteran, Politician

Joseph Asher Lumbard was my 3rd great grandfather.  His father is mentioned on his birth certificate, and the 1910 census as "Josiah from Maine" but I have been unable to find any more information about him, and no mention of him in the census' in either Maine or Pennsylvania.

Joseph is listed in the 1870 & 1880 census as a printer.  The history of the Snyder County Tribune, which Lumbard owned for many years, gives more information.  In the 1900 census his occupation is listed as "proprietor printing office" and in 1910 "editor/newspaper"  In 1920 his wife Sarah appears in the census as a widow. 


"Snyder County Tribune
The Snyder County Tribune, a strongly Republican paper, had its beginnings in Middleburg in 1854. In 1858, the paper was purchased by John Bilger, who continued to be owner and editor with much success until 1867. Joseph A. Lumbard, who had just returned from the Civil War, began serving the postion of foremanship with the Tribune in 1865 and became part owner in October of 1866. He then became full owner, editor and publisher in 1867. Lumbard became known as the paper's most prominent editor. He ran the paper until 1913. In 1871, Lumbard moved the Tribune to Selinsgrove. Here he provided "a barbed exchange of editorial opinion with Weirick which lasted for decades." Weirick referred to Franklin Weirick, current editor of the Selinsgrove Times. A big fire in 1872 completely destroyed the printing office and equipment. Despite this, Lumbard quickly bounced back and had the paper on the presses within several weeks. The App Building and the Tribune business was rebuilt until 1913 when Lumbard retired. Joseph Lumbard sold the paper to Harry A. Coryell, a lawyer, and Garfield Phillips. Coryell sold his rights to the business to Edward Wingard. Phillips soon became sole owner after buying Wingards share of the business. The presses were then moved to a new location near the Cavlin North property. Phillips ran the paper until his enlistment into the armed forces in 1917. The Tribune was sold to Garfield's brother, Benjamin T., upon his return, who ran the paper until 1929. At this time, his sisters, Mary and Aberdeen Phillips took control as owners and editors. In 1944, the paper was bought by Marlin Schoch, the current owner and editor of the Selinsgrove Times. The newspaper was renamed the Selinsgrove Times and Snyder County Tribune. The Tribune was published on Thursday of every week. "

There was an ongoing  feud between Times editor Franklin Weirick and Tribune editor  Joseph Lumbard, it is documented in an article in the Snyder County Historical Society Volume I (you can find a copy of this volume at the Public Library for Union County, In Lewisburg PA) pages 329-336, written by Dr William A. Russ. 

I hope to add Lumbard's editorial columns to this site once I have obtained them.



     168 page diary of his experience in the Civil War

Snyder County in The Civil War, By Hon. J. A. Lumbard -

Can be found in he Snyder County Historical Society Volume I (you can find a copy of this volume at the Public Library for Union County, In Lewisburg PA) pages 112-117.

Letter written to his mother during the war.


Civil War Service:

There is much written on  Company G, 147th  volunteers, with whom Joseph Lumbard served. 

Re-enactors of the 147th

J. A. Lumbard's civil war diary

History of Company G written by M. S. Schroyer, with mentions of JA Lumbard.

Political Positions

Taken from his obituary: "1877 he was appointed one of the associate Judges for Snyder County, Vice Hon. Daniel Gemberling, deceased, and in 1882 and 1890, he held appointments in the state Legislature.  In 1893, he was messenger in the State Senate, and in 1893, he was appointed clerk to the Committee on War Claims for the Fifty fourth Congress.  He was school director .for thirteen years, and for five years was president of’ the board and he also served one term in the town council. He was chairman of the, Republican County Committee, and twice served in the capacity of de­legate to the Republican State Convention."